What we do

At Door Kits Ltd we offer a full range of services including,

Door kit & Ironmongery Scheduling

We offer this service to Architects, QS’s, Builders, Joinery’s etc who can avail of our expertise and technology when specifying a project.

For Architects & QS’s

  • We can work and advise in all areas pertaining to design and manufacture of fire doorsets and screens.
  • A full schedule of drawings can be provided and advise on materials suitable for the budget.
  • Full project specification including all joinery, glass and ironmongery items.
  • Full doorset scheduling including fitted hardware.
  • Ironmongery schedules itemised by door type/number
  • A complete range of shop drawings can be produced for handover to the builder.

Talk to us today and see how Door Kits can help with specifying your project.

For Builders

  • Nail down the requirements of your project and reduce cost.
  • Most often a builder will have the architects drawings and a bill of quantity, and very often these may not read the same, so it is extremely difficult to obtain like for like quotations from your joinery partners.
  • We can work with builders to produce a set of itemised drawing schedules that clearly state all materials required for the project.
  • We can even advise on suitable materials and cost implications before the tender process.
  • We can provide all shop drawings including a full shopping list for ironmongery and glass items.

Talk to us today and see how Door Kits can help with specifying your project.

For the Manufacturers

  • We can provide detailed shop drawings.
  • We provide cutting lists for door & timber requirements.
  • We provide cut list for glass requirements.
  • We provide hardware requirements itemised per doorset type.

Manufacturing Door kits

We can manufacture door kits and offer the following services in doing so.

  • All doors and frames are machined for locks and hinges.
  • Vision panels are cut and glazed including all in-tumescent seals.
  • Architraves & skirting’s machined to profile.
  • Single doorkits are assembled and doubles are delivered flat-pack.
  • Screens can be manufactured and are supplied unglazed for others to glaze on-site.
  • All units are marked with project ref/no
  • We will organise delivery directly to site anywhere in Ireland or the UK.